Articles and Reviews

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Dobie, Matt, “Peter Eudenbach’s This is Not an Object Explores How We Use Things.” Charleston City Paper, October 19, 2016
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Ventura, Anya, “The Dream Lives of Objects: Peter Eudenbach’s To Arrive Where we Started.” Art New England November/December 2013
Volume 33, Issue 6
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Katsnelson, Alla, Fossilized Cricket Song Brought to Life
in a Work of Art. PNAS,
August 30, 2016 vol. 113 no. 35
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DiJulio, Betsy, "Eudenbach's Visual Riddles"
Veer Magazine, August 2013
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Jenkins, Mark, “A Glimpse of What Washington Project for the Arts Has in Store.” The Washington Post,
March 14, 2013
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End Transmission Catalog
Nobile Amundsen Gallery, 2015
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Rasche, Stefan
Peter Eudenbach, Exhibition Catalog, Kunstvereien Grafschaft Bentheim, Neuenhaus, Germany